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YouTube videos from Catman Cohen

“The politically correct fascists, aka, the neo-McCarthyites, would like to blame racism, misogyny, homophobia, and all other societal ills upon the Presidency. They further wish to attribute the collapse of manners and civility to an outspoken President. In reality, the coarsening of American culture antedated the arrival of a forthright presidency. A culture of epithets is most attributable to a radical shift in the personalities that, long ago, seized the highest rungs of the Arts, Big Media, and Academe. No better example can be found than mainstream music whose hostile, crude, lyrics are oft a mantra of “f**k, b**ch, nig**r,” repeated ad nauseam. No better example can be found than Big Media that now emulate yellow journalism. No better example can be found than universities that no longer suffer free speech, and obscenely attack or shut down all viewpoints deviating from the politically correct orthodoxy. Although it might be appealing for some to scapegoat a controversial Presidency as the progenitor of the current cultural wars, that would be a simplistic analysis without merit.”

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