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Maaad Crew

Yo yo yo yo
We "Push Weight" with Ice Cube's in a cup
(AmeriKKKa's) Most Wanted
Police pin it up
(Alaza an a)
Thug passion brotha what
Bloatin gettin a girl preganant
Off a finger aaaaahhhhh
Doc da code name
Murgin proclaims off the lot
(We can die)
Yeah i'm takin full blame
I'm hard headed cat fitted for rythmes
I touch up your shapper when Doc spit on the ????
What it is my brotha
(Gonna live my brotha)
How you live my brotha
(Real civilized brotha)
I'm not fryed Jaul when i walk the streets

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song performed by Method Man from BlackoutReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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