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Burn My Eyes

Alan's On Fire

All my life I have been used by you
Time has come our game of love is through
Since I was born I've lived in the cold I've lived in the dark
Now I want heat now I want light igniting spark
I'm not a martyr but I am truth and you are a liar
But now my life of constant sadness goes up in the fire
I will
Be heard
And I will
Be heard
Step on me I'm here for you to see
I hope you choke as I go up in flames
I told you my problems but you never heard a word
This is the moment for once in my life I will be heard
I know there must be a better way but I don't know how
You've lied to me and you've ignored me
but you won't now
I will
Be heard

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Added by Lucian Velea
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