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M.A.F.I.A. Land

[Lil' Kim]
In the M.A.F.I.A.'s Land ya'll
Where loyalty is everything {*thunder sounds*}
The M.A.F.I.A. forgives but never forgets
Let me tell you

In the MAFIA's land where there's one boss and one clan
Yes mans they surround us like steaks in pans
All 'em wanna be the man right hands wash the left hands
Loyalty's priority in this fam
Where life's initiated ain't no givin' it back
Once you in it like Bennet you'll soon be lieutenant
Like me the Don Juan Miss Yvonne
the sweat-a the money gett-a
Copin mad cheddar
Stevie's all Wondering how I got in this position
One day Frank was fishin' for competition expidition
Number one

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Added by Lucian Velea
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