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Closer to me

Close to me girl your on my mind
and girl i think about you all the time
and even though words are hard to say
girl i miss you never thought i'd feel this way

Chourus: if you keep on taking my heart you'll be breakin so why do u do this to me
you know how i'm feelin
it's you i believe in
baby can't you see that i need you
you know that it's true
everytime i see your face i miss you baby
you know that it's you
i'll never let you know your drivin me crazy
i do anythin to help you to see
i don't think you understand what your doin to me
you know that it's true
everynow and then i wanna call you baby
you know that it's you
i said one day you'll be back to me lady
oh yeah

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Added by Lucian Velea
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