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Blooming Heather (Charneca em Flor) from Florbela Espanca

To Love!

I want to love, to be lost in love!
To love just to love: Here... there...
This one, that one, another one,
Everyone! To love and not love anyone!

Remember? Forget? It’s all the same!...
Hold on or let go? Wrong? Or right?
Those who say they can love someone
Their whole life long is telling a lie!

There is in every life a Spring.
When it flowers, it must be sung.
The voice God gave us is for singing!

If I must come to ashes, dust,
Nothing, then let my night be a dawn
And let me be lost... to find myself...

poem by Florbela Espanca from Blooming Heather (Charneca em Flor) (1931), translated by Richard ZenithReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Dan Costinaş
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