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Anatolia poetry anthılogy from Sabit Ince

Haci Bektas Veli

Haci Bektas Veli..

I come to you to bend the neck
Haci Bektas Veli premium..
I always remember the way it deserves path
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

Familiar way to the path of
Yesevi have himmet
We dived into the universe with love
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

Addressed in the language of a waist
Whether the road came to profess
Yes, even if said
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

We had a treasure drops
Haq, Muhammad Ali chose
Shirt reaped more than

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poem by Sabit Ince from Anatolia poetry anthılogy (2001), translated by Sabit inceReport problemRelated quotes
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