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Indecent Proposal


Timbaland Timbaland Fatman scoop
Timbaland Timbaland
Whatever I say y'all gotta do
Whatever I say y'all gotta do
Whatever I say y'all gotta do

Awww lord guess whos comming
Timbaland A.K.A freaky feel drumming
Who can get it crunk like me Timbaland
Oh my nigga Scoop A.K.A fat man
Weed guaranteed to make the party people bounce
Fellas say (OH) girls say(ah)
Lookin at the cornrows up in the club
Girl don't be bashfull girl back it up
Throw it girl like its poking man
Shake that ass as fast as you can
White girl shake it like she burning from a sun tan
My dog grip it grab it like it was a soda can
What you talking bout holding back

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Added by Lucian Velea
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