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Emotive pyre from Costel Zăgan

Angel of snow

There are flakes that do not want to fall anymore
From the air similar with a huge mesh of azure
Because of the cold I have an eye of snow
I call you with the other eye as a snow falling around

And it is like it would snow in the rhythm of the music
On the pyre ready to hurt
I'm like a snowflake going up on a hill
When you get ready to put out an evening

I reach out a hand and the world is on fire
Burning the snow with flames
From elbows of frost I am making room are violently
In order to die in the
So, I may in the heat of your eyes

A wind lights the place around
Your smile is lighting up the white morning
While my heart beat has snowed
And an angel has sprained his wing of ice

poem by Costel Zăgan from Emotive pyre (24 December 1979)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Costel Zăgan
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